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The Apimet deck roof system

Sistema de cubierta Deck de Apimet

The construction system is made up of three parts which provide the resistance, the insulation and the waterproofing required of the roof, without limiting design.

Resistance: The support is provided by the Apimet self-supporting metal profiles which liberate significant spans and loads. The profiles for this system are AP 250 and AP 300.

Insulation: Made up of rigid Polyisocyanurate foam boards with a minimum thickness of 80 mm.

Waterproofing: The roof waterproofing is achieved by synthetic sheets with the advanced fixing system of induction. This innovative construction system can be used for all types of buildings, and is particularly recommended for industrial plants, warehouses and logistics platforms, and shopping, leisure, sports and infrastructure centres. It simplifies the construction solution for the most complex of geometries.

Advantages and benefits of the Apimet deck roof system

Apimet has developed this construction system with the objective of achieving an industrialised construction process that results in more energy efficient buildings, including during the building process. The best possible materials make the durability of the part and its implementation a guarantee for the owners of the building, and for the agents who intervene in the construction.

Con este sistema obtenemos las siguientes ventajas y beneficios entre otros:

  • Lighter and simpler structures. The Apimet self-supporting profiles can be used for large spans, meaning that secondary parts of the structure such as belts can be eliminated, resulting in simpler and more economical structures. The use of this element also improves the general behaviour of the structure since it is a continuous rigid membrane which solidifies the main structural parts.
  • Manufacture and assembly times for the structure and roof are reduced Above all, assembly costs of the secondary parts of the structure are lowered; these elements have lower performance and therefore a higher cost.
  • This system provides high thermal resistance endowing the building with optimal thermal conditions. This, together with its lightness, makes it a very appropriate enclosure for large spaces, and not only as the roof.
  • The waterproofing used in this system is fixed by an induction system. Together with the quality of the materials used, this gives it greater durability and makes it easy to conserve and repair..
  • The system adapts to any design and geometry, from the most complex shapes to the simplest.

Safety and guarantee

The Apimet construction system has been developed by the company itself, based on the founders’ thirty years of experience in the self-supporting roofing sector in Spain. The profiling line for self-supporting sheets and the technology at Apimet’s disposal is the company’s own, as are the industrial designs, registered in the S.P.T.O. (O.E.P.M.). The applications using its range of profiles are ever more diverse, thanks to the growing recognition of the advantages of its self-supporting roofing system.

The modern technology that Apimet has implemented in its self-supporting sheet profiling line has pursued and achieved the following objectives:

  • Product singularity in the face of the competition, thanks to the greater mechanical properties of the Apimet profiles which allow larger spans to be covered than the rest of the profiles present in the sector.
  • Possibility of using aluminium. The means that the profiles can be used in aggressive environments, such as purifying plants, recycling centres, etc..
  • Response time for the manufacture of orders, since this is an automatic line which profiles and curves in the same process, with specific software for the production of self-supporting roofs. Moreover, Apimet is also the installer of its self-supporting profiles, which completes the cycle and allows Apimet to offer a complete guarantee on its construction system.
  • Apimet has been certified by Aenor for its Quality Management System (ISO 9001), its Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and its Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSHAS 18001). These certifications guarantee the different quality processes and the good functioning of the company, improving business, product and service quality, protecting the environment, and thereby the welfare of society.